5 Things You Need to Know Before Joining Yoga Teacher Training


The fame of yoga is on the rise for sure. Everybody is aware of the benefits of yoga and trying to find suitable classes for them, and that is the reason behind the popularity of yoga schools. Yoga is quite popular in the west. So many yoga teacher training centers have opened up throughout the world. Yoga schools also need well-educated yoga trainers.

According to Yoga Alliance, a study shows that the popularity has increased in recent times. In 2016, it was 36 million with 80 million saying that they want to do yoga teacher training within a year. You must be sure before taking part in this beautiful life-transforming journey. Here is the list of questions you may ask yourself before taking part in a yoga retreat:

  •     Who will teach you?
  •     What is your philosophy of yoga, or what do you prefer doing or what is your style?
  •     How you can learn better, or what should be the duration of the course?
  •     What are your intentions after the completion of the course?
  •     What is the curriculum of the program? Are they included in your style of yoga or not?
  •     How is your health in terms of emotions and physique?
  •     What is your budget and how much you need to invest in this training program?
  •     Is it certified with a yoga alliance or not?

The answer to these questions will give clarity to your thoughts, and you’ll feel prepared for the rejuvenating life journey. These are the things you must know about yourself before taking part in any yoga course. What about yoga classes? What should you know about them? To help you with clear thoughts, here are a few things you should keep in your mind:

Training is not self healing:

The first thing you must keep in mind is that it is a teacher training program and not your personal therapy session or exotic getaway. If you have an exotic vacation in mind, you’ll get easily disappointed with the challenges of the training program. It is the time to work on your inner self and do intense studies. You should understand that personal growth is unavoidable. Breakdowns might happen. You can get all of this by learning yoga at a stable and grounded place. Spend some time reading reviews of the students who have taken part in the teacher training program. Maybe you want to strengthen your practice, or you want to teach, you’ll get a clear idea about this.

Come with a set mindset:

You must know before starting that yoga training is much more than learning sequences and yoga postures. It doesn’t depend on your level of knowledge and experience of the asana. You may dig deep into the secrets of other limbs of yoga. You will also get a chance to study the other variations of yoga like physiology, yoga philosophy, adjustment, and alignment techniques, anatomy, and practical teacher training tactics. You will find out that your personal training is a great find for your growth. Be prepared to transform. After all, the best learning comes with challenges that encourage us to achieve our goal.

Embrace not knowing:

In the yoga class may be some postures, words, subjects, etc. you won’t be able to perform or understand. It is completely alright if that is the case. Be curious about what is next, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, get confused, and ask for help. To know about the things you don’t know does wonder on your ego. Your mentor, teachers, and peers will help you to find the answers.

Expect unexpected things:

Even with all the helpful things and prior preparations, you don’t know what is going to happen in the teacher training program. You can fall sick, lose your luggage, or meet friends for life. You may think you have seen it all but then you realize this is not it more things are still to come. The key to success is to count on the things that are not going according to plan. Be open to your present moment and accept daily life’s crazy adventures.

Commit Yourself Fully to the Practice:

When you have enrolled yourself to a yoga teacher training program, you must be here with an intention – to enhance your practice or be a teacher yourself. In order to achieve your goal, you have to commit yourself fully to the practice and learn as much as you can from your teachers. This is your opportunity to unearth all the wisdom you can and gift yourself the knowledge with which you can enlighten other souls in the future.

Now that you are aware of the things to know, just find a good place to learn and train and take your yogic knowledge to the next level. Good luck!!!