5 Health Benefits of Hare Pose Shashankasana


Shashankasana or Hare Pose is a sitting asana that is adorned with a number of health benefits for the body and mind. The asana that resembles a Hare is among the most mind-pacifying Yoga poses. Whether you are looking to live a peaceful life with mental clarity or want to enjoy physical health, Hare pose is of great importance. A number of health and Yoga experts prescribe the practice of this pose for getting the mind feel peace and serenity.

Shashankasana is a basic level Yoga pose that can be practiced by everybody, making the pose even more relevant. Begin in the tabletop position with the knees, toes, and palms on the mat and the spine parallel to the ground. Now sit on the lower legs (in Vajrasana position) and bend the body forward to place your chest on the thighs. Spread your hands parallel to each other on the Yoga mat in front of your head. Make sure your forehead touches the ground. When you feel the warmth and tenderness of Yoga in this pose, you will relish enormous silence and tranquility. Let’s now move to some of the health benefits of Hare pose.

Mental and emotional equanimity

Hare is one of the loveliest animals. It reflects love and affection. Shashankasana is also one of those Yoga poses that spread love, warmth and affection apart from the bodily benefits. The gentle asana stands for equilibrium between the mind, body, and spirit. It provides a fruitful environment to the mind so that it can flourish in the best way possible. The concentration of emotion matches with that of mindfulness when you are practicing the delight of Shashankasana. The asana nurtures you to be highly aware of happenings around you. It brings stability to the life of a practitioner to make life even more beautiful. If you are not able to handle the pressure of office work and the relation between your personal and professional life is poor, it’s high time you embrace the Hare pose.

Stretching the spine

People suffering from lower back pain are highly recommended to practice the Hare pose. The asana has a great impact on the back region and the spine. Since the body bends forward in the asana, the spine gets elongated astonishingly. Stretching and elongating the spine gives huge support and balance to the body. Give this asana at least 10 minutes every day to enjoy a healthful stretching of the backbone. Particularly for aged persons, this exercise is highly beneficial, thanks to its tender nature.

Strengthens the hips and thighs

The physical benefit of Shashankasana extends its boundary to heal the hips joints and thighs muscles. Although it might not be evident from outside, the fact states that the Hare pose is of immense importance for the strength of various body parts. During the pose, the whole weight of the body stands on the lower legs and thighs. The movement of the body in Hare pose instigates the flow of blood throughout the lower body. Shoulders are strengthened from the regular practice of this pose. Make sure you practice the asana in the correct form, as stated above, to enjoy its advantages.

Improves concentration

Concentration is a state of mind when it is able to see the goals clearly. Focus is the key when one is talking about concentration. It is very important to know that concentrating on the goals is not the duty of only your mind but also the soul. Meaning thereby, the complete connection of physical, mental, and emotional aspects is responsible for a better concentration power. This is what the Hare pose does. It offers mental clarity, spiritual blissfulness, and body flexibility in a mild way. All these factors contribute to strengthening the focusing power of the mind. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body - this principle works behind the betterment of concentration through Shashankasana.

Relieves depression

A number of people face the issue of depression in their daily life. Since life has become so tiring with numerous aspects to look upon, stress and mental tension are serious problems. In order to get out of such stressful situations, the Hare pose helps amazingly. The pose not only releases tension from the mind but also from the body. By stretching the lower backbone, hips, and shoulders, the asana relaxes the body. After long hours in the office, the mind becomes exhausted and when you indulge your brain in Shashankasana, it enjoys tremendous peace and tranquility. The practice of Hare pose for 8-10 minutes daily is a great way to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul instantly.

There are a number of other health benefits of Shashankasana that are of tremendous relevance. To get acquainted with all of them, include this practice in your daily life.