10 Best Yoga Tours In Nepal


Nepal, the Himalayan nation is among the most sought-after places when it comes to Yoga. Located in the embrace of India, the birth land of Yoga, Nepal is also an incredible country for trekking and adventure activities. The Himalayas astonishing panorama, assorted with the pleasant weather makes a perfect yogic environment. If you are seeking a beautiful vacation, Yoga tours in Nepal are probably the most fruitful way. Here is the list of 10 most fascinating places in Nepal her you can spend a Yoga holiday in an awesome fashion.

1. Nagarkot

Welcome to Nagarkot, a historical town in the Bagmati zone. In order to enjoy incredible yogic and spiritual experiences, the place is ideal. In addition to some of the best Yoga retreats, Nagarkot is also known for offering splendid views of multiple mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Sitting at the neck of Kathmandu Valley, the town boasts of many Yoga schools and teachers, who have migrated from neighboring India. You can explore Tours to India for yoga, monuments, heritage sites. The calm and serene climate of Nagarkot is highly inspiring for Yoga.

2. Kathmandu

Nepal’s capital lets you enjoy some of the finest experiences of Yoga holidays with numerous centers of spiritual education. Since Kathmandu is home to Nepal’s only International airport, most of the global Yoga lovers love to attend a program here in the city. Also, no place in Nepal offers elements of luxury better than Kathmandu. So, if you are looking for a magnificent yogic experience, Nepal’s capital is the place to be in. The presence of a horde of temples and monasteries also makes this city ideal for spiritual programs.

3. Pokhara

It would be not an exaggeration if we call Pokhara the biggest Yoga hub of Nepal. The town is filled with Yoga resorts, TTC centers, Yoga schools, etc. Everywhere in the town, there are signs of yogic beauties. Most of the country’s Yoga masters reside in Pokhara. Yoga aspirants have the opportunity to explore the purity of Annapurna massif while meditating on its trails. Some of Nepal’s best Yoga centers such as Atmashree Yoga Retreat, Rishikul Yogshala, Tribikram Yoga, etc. are located in the town.

4. Patan

Patan is the historical name of Lalitpur town. The region has always been a center of yogic learning, shown by multiple temples and spiritual sites. The cultural town is one of the finest places to learn and practice Yoga. Along with multiple Yoga schools, there is a culture of Yoga. Numerous children can be found practicing some of the toughest poses at every nook and corner of Patan. It is located just about 10 km from Kathmandu and is well connected with other parts of the country.

5. Biratnagar

The historical town of Biratnagar, having mentions in the great epic Mahabharata, might be the site you are looking to have an awesome yogic experience. Witness the enormous purity and spirituality in the ancient town while attending a Yoga program. Yoga education in Biratnagar is conducted by local trainers with deep knowledge of the science.

6. Itahari

Head to Itahari, located in the eastern part of the country if you are looking to get the most ancient education of Yoga. Many Yoga retreats are organized by local Yoga centers that are quite pocket-friendly. As a solo traveler, it is one of the best places to visit in Nepal for spiritual education. During the holidays in Itahari, you will come across a variety of people from Nepal as well as India.

7. Bharatpur

The fourth largest Nepali city, Bharatpur is a prominent place for Yoga holidays in the country. Located in Chitwan district, the city is home of some of the popular Yoga retreats and centers in Nepal. If you are planning to spend a Yoga vacation in the nearness of lush flora, Bharatpur might be the ideal option. The serene bank of the Narayani River offers an inspiring environment to indulge in Yoga practices.

8. Lumbini

Your dream of enjoying the beauty of Yoga in the birthplace of Gautama Buddha comes true here in Lumbini. There is no shortage of Yoga retreats in the historical town. Lovers of Buddhist Yoga might find this place extremely delightful. In addition, you have the opportunity to seek Buddha’s blessing in multiple monasteries and pagodas. One enjoys tremendous peace and tranquility in the vicinity of spiritual Buddhist chants coming out from many temples.

9. Khumjung

Who doesn’t want to meditate in the breathtaking aroma of Mount Everest? This is what Khumjung is known for - the picturesque outlook of the snow-laden mountains while relishing Yoga. The cool climate of the place makes Yoga practice an ultimate bliss. Multiple snowy lakes are found in the region, making the visit extremely wonderful.

10. Mustang

Mustang district sits in the lap of Annapurna range in northern Nepal. The reason it is a popular site for Yoga is its spellbinding environment and location at a height of approx 2500 m. Plenty of Yoga centers can be found in the region with ace trainers. Attending a Yoga retreat in Mustang lets you get a scintillating experience of the ancient science amidst the breathtaking aroma of Dhaulagiri mountain range.

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