Yoga Retreats In Nepal

A paradise on the planet, Nepal is a place whose beauty pierces through your heart and a sense of tranquility pacifies the strain that strangulates your soul. We present to you, soul-satiating Yoga retreats and Spiritual vacations in Nepal to help you come out of the deep pit of dissatisfaction and the stress of this chaotic world. Each day shall bring a new color to your to your life as you do perform the Yogic poses amidst beautiful mountains and meditate your way to the forgotten serenity. The might of the Mount Everest, beauty of the Ghorepani Poon Hill, and the mystic aura of the Nagarjun Jungle at Kathmandu will sweep you off your feet. It is the multitude of possibilities to learn new things, connect with nature and awaken your spiritual side which makes these retreats so special.

yoga teacher training courses in nepal

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to delve deep into the sacred study of the ancient art of yoga. In order to go through this amazing untried experience, we have listed out the best yoga courses in Nepal that are meticulously designed and prepared. We have scrupulously garnered courses for aspiring yogis and teachers who have a sole purpose of lighting up their crown chakra. It will never be a classroom experience but a feeling as if a new cycle of life has just started. The curriculum of these yoga teacher training programs will take you through the intricate concepts of yoga which includes asanas, meditation, pranayama, mantras, spirituality, anatomy, kriyas, intellectual discussions on yoga philosophy and more. Select from a plethora of courses and ignite your spiritual awakening in the land of the majestic Himalayas.

Treks in nepal

We stand on the idea that one must see the lighter side of life as well and this is why, trekking in Nepal will be unexpectedly serene. You uncover the potential and your capacities to handle hurdles and move past the physical pain. Our aim is to bring forth trekking activities that will enable growth served with a pinch of fun and adrenaline push to keep you going. Our gamut of trekking opportunities comprises unmatched opportunities, such as trekking your way up to the invincible Khumbu region, stomping on the terrains that embellish the beauty of Ghorepani Hill, an enlightening 10 day trek from Poon hill to Annapurna and much more. We abide by the concept that 'Quality never fails' which is why we collaborate with the best. The treks are conducted by qualified trek guides and time-served porters banishing all sorts of hassles and worries. Take the step ahead in your quest for the unseen and spectacular with us and create memories that will never fade.

Top Attractions

With yoga teacher training certification in Nepal or Yoga Retreats in Nepal, you will walk the ‘path of wisdom’ and attain the higher consciousness. The snowcapped mountains in Pokhara, the picturesque monasteries in Lumbini, the rich heritage of Kathmandu and the impressive structures of Bhaktapur will let you sink into Nepal's beauty and practice yoga in some of the most awe-inspiring places. You will be left wonderstruck by the beauty of Nepal and mesmerized by how this country swings between its deep-rooted influences of religion and its modern ways. Each moment of your time spent in this magical land will bring you close to its fascinating culture and spiritual traditions.

Why Nepal for Your Yogic Adventure?

  • Nepal is the second home to yoga after India with ingrained yogic wisdom. It is also the abode of many revered yoga gurus and eastern philosophers who can be the perfect guide to an aspiring yogi.
  • Making things easy for the travelers, Nepal has different visa options pertaining to tourists visas. From 15 days multiple entry visa to 90 multiple entry visa, foreign nationals can opt accordingly. Visa extension is also possible at an affordable price, if someone is looking to deepen their practice of yoga by staying longer.
  • The natural abundance of Nepal in the form of mountains, valleys, rivers and forests make it an apt place to practice yoga in the pristine lap of nature and connect with the true ‘self’.
  • The combination of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies makes it a spiritually thriving place. The spiritual aura of the land contributes hugely towards the development of a yogic mind.
  • The climate of Nepal remains mild all throughout the year. Apart from some areas in the Southern Terai belt, majority of the locations have a decent climate which encourages yogic practice all throughout the year.